The NEVIODUNUM institute is a not-for-profit organization, which works in the area of culture in the region of Posavje, particularly in the administrative region of Lower-Posavje - Krško, Brežice, Sevnica and Kostanjevica na Krki, but also in the wider regions which include the communities of Radeče and Bistrica ob Sotli.

The Institute takes its name from the antique town of Neviodunum (in the territory of today's Drnovo), which became in the first century a.d. the centre of economical, political and cultural life of the wider region of today's Gorjanca up to Višnja Gora area. The notion of wealth applies to the oldest traces of the settlement of Krško in the field of Slovene archaeology, thanks to the foundations that were excavated there. Even though it is not well known in the region, the adoption of this name has importance, as it offers creative inspiration to us.





Publishing books is the third program of the Neviodunum Institute, which operates since 2002. In the last three years, it has achieved a great success by managing to issue a serie of interesting books. Currently, the total production of the Posavian editor counts over 30 titles. For the period of 2011/2012 there are in preparation another dozen of new books on varied but important themes.






Posavje shows as one entity - the Region Posavje - by its geographic, historical and socio-economical aspects, since 1996 it is characterized also as part of the 12 administrative regions (Lower Posavje).

The municipalities from Posavje and their political leaders have for numerous times, especially during the declaration of the year 1998, expressed their wish and demand for the status of Region.

The web portal is an electronic journal and an important crossroad of information for the areaand the Region Posavje, which comprises today of the municipality of Krško, Brežice, Sevnica and Kostanjevica na Krki (in may 2007 also joined the municipalities of Radeče and Bistrica ob Sotli as part of the wider developmental region).





The Posavje review today

The Neviodunum Institute, Institute for culture and public relations, is the largest independent media house in Posavje. Our most important output is the main newspaper in Posavje - POSAVSKI OBZORNIK.

Base of content

Posavje review is a general information newspaper featuring the administrative areas or provinces of Posavje. Every 14 days, people receive home delivery of the news from around the towns of Brežice, Krško, Sevnica, Kostanjevica na Krki, Radeče and Bistrica ob Sotli, and follows the current events in the fields of politics, economy, culture, education and other sectors, and reports sport events and results.

Publication of the newspaper

Previously, the Posavje review was published monthly from December 1997, and from 14th july 2005, it was issued as a 4-color fortnightly journal (every other thursday) on 45-gram paper in the form of a newspaper (315 x 440 mm). Usually it has 24 pages, but from time to time it has a bit more, when the editor prepares a supplement on a special themes or with cooperation of outside clients.



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